Water Facts

This information comes from the article, “A Sea of Dollars” by Charles Fishman and the graphic “Water World” by Francesco Franchi in April’s paper edition of Fast Company:

  • The U.S. loses one gallon out of every six due to leaks in utility pipes.
  • In 1955 Americans used 1,460 gallons of water per person, per day. That number increased to 1,920 in 1980, and decreased to 1,360 in 2005.
  • Four out of 10 people in the world today have either zero access to clean water or have to walk to get it.
  • A typical half-liter bottle of water purchased in a store costs .99 cents. For .99 cents worth of tap water, you can refill your half-liter reusable water bottle 1,740 times from your faucet.
  • It takes five liters of water to produce 2 liters of Coca-Cola.
  • Each person in the U.S. uses 18.5 gallons of water a day just flushing the toilet. A four-person family uses 74 gallons a day to flush. The U.S. as a whole uses 5.7 billion gallons day in our toilets alone.
  • The U.S. uses more water in one day than it uses oil in one year.
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Microcluster Test on Chanson Alkaline Water

Chemistry and Physics prove that not all waters are they same.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance(NMR) is used to determine water molecular size. This is one of the few ways known to verify a small water cluster(size). NMR relaxation time reflects the speed of molecular rotation (how long it takes for a molecule to return to its original position after magnetic alignment).

Larger molecular structures (water clusters) take longer to realign themselves. NMR measures this as a linewidth for a comparison of molecular size – the wider the linewidth, the larger the molecule.

According to data published in The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key, by Dr. Jhon, normal tap water can have a linewidth anywhere from 100 to 150 Hz, indicating an unorganized state of the water and a cluster size of 12 to 13 water molecules per cluster. On the other hand, ionized water is known to achieve between a 60-70 linewith. As you will see on the chart below, Chanson Water has been 3rd party independently lab tested at an incredibly small 47.82 Hz

The table below illustrates various NMR linewidths for different types of water. Remember, the smaller the line width, the smaller the water cluster and the greater its chance of penetrating the cellular membrane and thus becoming part of the intra-cellular water. Very few brands have paid to have this expensive testing done. Water with the smaller molecule size like Chanson alkaline ionized water from a Chanson water ionizer is more hydrating because it can penetrate your cells more easily than larger waters.

Comparison of Various Water Types by NMR

Chanson Ionized Water
47.82 Hz

Vitalizer Plus™ Water
63.60 Hz

VIVO™ Water
63.75 Hz

Spring Water – Korea
68.50 Hz

Evian Spring Water
82.60 Hz

Mineral Water
94.00 Hz

Well water
105.00 Hz

Mountain Water
116.00 Hz

Distilled water
118.00 Hz

Rain water
119.00 Hz

Tap Water
120.00 Hz

USA spring water
122 Hz

Reverse Osmosis Purified Water
142 Hz

Penta Water™
No Data Available

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D.J. Carrasco, Professional Baseball Player, explains why he drinks Chanson Alkaline Water

D.J. Carrasco, professional baseball player, uses a Chanson water ionizer. He explains why he chose the Chanson company over other water ionizer companies. He has noticed a huge increase in endurance, and faster healing from injuries. Carrasco also talks about several other results he has gotten from drinking and using the water, as well as some of the uses of the acid water.

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Protect Yourself From Nuclear Fallout an Ionizing Radiation

How do you protect yourself from the nuclear fallout of “ionizing radiation” coming our way NOW!!! from Japan that can cause serious illness and disease?

It is important to understand that “ionizing radiation,” that can cause destructive body tissue damage from nuclear radiation exposure is the “effect” of nuclear radiation, which is caused by the removal of electrons from atoms, creating hydrogen ions or protons or environmental acids that can destroy animal or human life!

In the case of nuclear radiation or “ionizing radiation,” tissue damaging hydrogen ions or acids from the environment can lead to serious illness and disease, causing cancer, leukemia and neurological disease, just to name a few!

Oxidation or fermentation is either the loss of electrons or the gain of protons or hydrogen ions (H+). All acids are proton or hydrogen ion (H+) donors, and therefore oxidizing or fermenting agents to the blood and tissues. When the body tissues are exposed to strong “ionizing radiation” or acids, whether from the environment (Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station), or from diet or from metabolism they can cause body tissue damage leading to serious illness and disease.

I just received these video reports about the nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima Daiihi Nuclear Power Plant in Japan due to the earthquakes and tsunami.

The radiation leakage from this nuclear plant is coming to the United States, Canada and other countries NOW!!!!


TO COMBAT THE ACIDIC EFFECTS OF “IONIZING RADIATION,” YOU WILL NEED TO IMMEDIATELY START TAKING pHour Salts formula by pH Miracle, which contains reducing agents of “ionizing radiation” or acids in the form of sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium bicarbonate.

I have also prepared a special formulation of mineral salts from the deep sea in Hawaii, called Liquid Mineral Gold, which contains iodine as well as high concentrations of alkalizing mineral salts to protect the endocrine system, including the thyroid from destructive “ionizing radiation.”

Finally, I would suggest eating liberal amounts of green fruit and vegetables and especially drink electron-rich ionizing water made from our Chanson Water Ionizers.

Bottom line – To protect yourself from “ionizing radiation” you must maintain the alkaline design of the body with an alkaline lifestyle and diet. Read The pH Miracle Revised and Updated to learn how to protect yourself from hydrogen ions or acid created from “ionizing radiation.”

EMERGENCY Radiation Package

It’s a small world after all. Radiation from the Japanese Nuclear melt down is known to be on its way across the ocean to the USA and Europe and California beaches are expected to be closed soon.

Water ionizer technology was advanced many years ago in Russia for the treatment of radiation poisoning.

For maximum protection, Doctor and scientist Robert O. Young is recommending plenty of alkaline ionized water from a Miracle water ionizer and pHour Salts and pHlavor Salts.

Extremely Limited Quantities Available – Order Now!

Read Dr. Young’s Article on protecting yourself from nuclear fallout and ionizing radiation.

$1,689.90PURCHASE Emergency Radiation Pack Details

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Acidic water the answer to foodborne pathogens?

California-based Chanson Water USA offers technology that can help disinfect and deactivate the foodborne pathogens responsible for illnesses, recent food recalls

LAGUNA HILLS, CA January 26, 2011 – On the heels of recent outbreaks of Escherichia coli (O157:H7) and Salmonella Typhimurium (ST) reported by the Federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the growing concern of Americans regarding the rising number of cases involving the spread of foodborne pathogens, Chanson Water USA has cited several studies which reveal that electrolyzed oxidizing water can effectively inactivate types of foodborne pathogens and contaminants.

Chanson Water USA, headquartered in Laguna Hills, California, distributes products and components that result in water that is electrolyzed, alkaline, antioxidant-rich and ionized with a by product of water that is acidic. Studies indicate that the use of Chanson’s ionizers, approved for use on food products, results in strongly acidic water with a low pH that can disinfect on contact and kill the types of germs responsible for the recent recalls of nearly 35,000 pounds of organic ground beef products and nearly 7,000 cases of cilantro and parsley. Chanson’s acidic water has been third party independently lab tested to kill e-coli and staph on contact and is FDA approved for use on food products.

According to Time Magazine (“Putting a Price Tag on Food Unsafety,” March 2010) the CDC estimates that, in the US, illnesses from contaminated food and foodborne pathogens results in 5,000 deaths and 325,000 hospitalizations every year and the consequential costs of such illnesses – including trips to the doctor, lost wages, medicine and pain and suffering – amount to some $152 billion every year. Additionally, food corporations pay heavily from within for costly industry recalls when foodborne pathogens are detected and products called back.

“The fact that there are foodborne pathogens that get into our food chain is one thing, there isn’t much we can do, as consumers, to control that, other than keep a close eye on what’s being recalled,” said Chanson Water USA President Nedalee Ruiz. “What we can do, though, is to make sure we have within our industrial food facilities, businesses and in our homes the education and means to better deal with the problem, which is major. Industry-wide, food companies and consumers need to look at the proven effects of our acidic water when it comes to deactivating pathogens. And as consumers, although we might not be able to stop e. coli or salmonella from getting into the food chain or into our local market, we can certainly use acidic water to control whether or not it reaches our dining room table. Chanson’s acidic water has been third party independently lab tested to kill e-coli and staph on contact and is FDA approved for use on food products. All a consumer has to do is spray it on their meat, vegetables, fruits or eggs to protect their family.”

A study by the University of Connecticut (“Inactivation of Escherichia coli (O157:H7) and Listeria monocytogenes on plastic kitchen cutting boards by electrolyzed oxidizing water”) determined that immersion in ionized water can effectively inactivate foodborne pathogens on smooth plastic cutting boards. A similar study by the Penn State University Department of Food Science (“Comparison of electrolyzed oxidizing water with various antimicrobial interventions to reduce Salmonella species on poultry”) determined that electrolyzed oxidizing water can reduce Salmonella Typhimurium (ST) on poultry surfaces, even following extended refrigerator storage.

A study published in the Journal of Food Protection – in which the effectiveness of electrolyzed acidic water was tested against 200-ppm chlorine water and sterile distilled water in killing e. coli and other pathogens cultivated on the surfaces of spot-inoculated tomatoes – further indicated that electrolyzed acidic water is “useful in controlling pathogenic microorganisms on fresh produce.”

To learn more about the benefits of Chanson Water USA ionizers, go to http://www.chansonalkalinewater.com/

To read studies regarding the benefits of acidic water, go to http://www.chansonalkalinewater.com/ionized_water_article/ionized_water_articles.php#acidic_articles

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Ionized Water – Five Important Reasons To Drink Ionized Water

The reasons to maintain an alkaline diet are many and various; from improving your overall health to increasing your energy levels and boosting your metabolism and the resultant weight loss that the increases in energy and metabolism will promote, but even the best of results can be amplified by making one small change to your lifestyle, and that is drinking and preparing your foods with ionized (alkaline) water.

Below you will find the five most important reasons for adding ionized water to your diet.

1). Ionized Water is More Hydrating

Ionized water is completely different from standard tap water or even bottled water. Our DNA has become adapted, over many millennia, to absorb chemical-free, dynamically ionized water (or water that is moving not just on the physical level, but on the sub-atomic level). It is only since the onset of the Industrial Revolution that our air, water and food have become tainted by pollutants and only in the last seventy years that chemicals have been added to our water and crops under the guise of health benefits and increased health productivity.

It is a fact that when water has been ionized the water molecule clusters size is made smaller and changes its shape. The new size and shape allows the water to be absorbed by your tissues more easily. Also, when the alkalizing minerals are ionized, they are much easier absorbed by your body, meaning that they will be far more effective. It used to be that all water had this size and shape, but while there are still a handful of locations around the globe where naturally ionized water can be found, in Western Societies it is next to impossible to any longer find a source of unadulterated water.

2). Ionized Water is a Powerful Antioxidant

Over 70% of our body weight is made up of water and plays a part in many important bodily processes and functions. In fact, without the proper amount of hydration the body begins to deteriorate and if the body goes longer than a week without water, it can die.

While water is important for life itself, it is also important as an antioxidant by producing hydroxyl ions to help with oxygen production, a process which neutralizes harmful free radicals and helps to not only boost your energy levels but also to increase your metabolism, resulting in effective weight loss.

Again, it used to be that extra ionization was not necessary, but due to our increasing pollution of the planet; our air, water and food combined with our increasingly stress-filled lifestyles we are slowly poisoning ourselves. The increased oxygen levels imparted by ionized water helps to remove wastes more efficiently carry nutrients to where they are needed more effectively, increases our resistance to bacteria and viruses but helps through the alkalization of the bloodstream, to destroy cancer cells and ensure an environment in which they cannot live.

3). Ionized Water Improves the Taste of Food

Because of its increased oxidation ability, ionized water hydrates food more effectively, drawing out its natural flavors and goodness and making eating foods that have been grown with or prepared with ionized water better able to pass along their nutrients.

4). Acid Ionized Water as a Beauty Tool

Our bodies are held together with the largest organ of all, the skin. The skin is an acidic organ and those who wash in acidic water obtain clearer, younger looking skin than those who use hard water; hard water usually being alkaline due to the presence of excess calcium. Washing in soft acidic (ionized) water you can clear up excess bacteria that will help to remove acne and work like an astringent to tighten up the skin and even remove wrinkles. Another application of acidic ionized water is to wash your hair in it to relieve any itchy scalp conditions.

Acidic Ionized water can even be used as a medicinal tool to help sterilize wounds, treat ulcers, removes bacteria and viruses as well as reduce itching caused by insect bites, skin conditions and inflammation. While you dont want to drink the acidic water due to its acid content, its application as a skin tonic is beneficial in many ways.

5). Ionized water is Alkaline

Last but probably most important is the fact that ionized water is alkaline, meaning that it will help to balance your bodys pH level which, due to our highly acidic Westernized diets and lifestyles (not to mention the acids added to our air, food and water due to pollution) are usually far too acidic to process our wastes and provide our bodies with the proper amount of oxygen.

An overly acidic body is a welcoming host for any number of diseases, and when a body starts becoming too acidic, the bodys defense mechanisms try to counter the acidity by leaching calcium and magnesium from the bones. It also reacts by turning acid wastes (which are very harmful to the body and can cause the organs to slow down and malfunction) into solids, which it then stores in our tissues. The end result of the bodys efforts to protect its organs results in a hardening of the arteries and a build-up of excess weight as well as crystalline deposits of acids in the joints which cause inflammation and stiffness, even arthritis.

The Choice is Yours

It is, of course, up to you as to whether or not you avail yourself of the multiple benefits of ionized water such as that provided by Chanson Water Ionizers, for while keeping to an alkaline diet is important to your overall health, drinking and using ionized water to prepare your foods and drinks can result in far greater reduction of the acidic wastes that have accumulated over the years.

About the Author: The Alkaline Diet Network is dedicated to enlightening the American public as to the benefits of a diet high in alkaline-rich foods and water in order to promote optimum health. For more information visit http://www.alkalinedietnetwork.com/

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Give your Dog a Healthy Treat

Caring for a dog requires love, attention, patience and healthy doses of water. Yes: water, the very foundation of life and good health. And yet, we too often give our pets drinking water that threatens their safety and longevity. In fact, the physical ailments that confront most dogs – from arthritis to bone deterioration to chronic fatigue – bear a connection to poor quality drinking water. Identifying this challenge, and changing the water we give our dogs, is the most immediate and effective way to fix this problem. I write these words from experience because my own dog, the beautiful and resilient Molly, is a walking testament to the benefits of alkaline ionized water, as she continues to battle (for the last two and a half years) skin cancer.

For alkaline ionized water contains the necessary pH balance – the negative electrical charge – that exists in nature. This distinction between ordinary tap water and alkaline ionized water is crucial because, notwithstanding state and federal rules about the former, most tap water still contains a variety of harsh chemicals – including copper, lead, fluoride, arsenic and a host of other contaminants – that should raise concerns among all citizens.

Applying this same vigilance to the water we give our pets is just as important. Remember: dogs are more sensitive to a variety of foods and medications than humans, which means we should avoid giving our pets anything that may worsen an already bad situation.

One proposed alternative involves giving dogs a daily supply of bottled water, in lieu of tap water. The problem with this plan, aside from the astronomical cost of buying a ready supply of bottled water, is that bottled water lacks the antioxidants that protect people (and pets) from otherwise frequent illnesses. In fact, exotic images and slick marketing campaigns notwithstanding, bottled water is not synonymous with better health. On the contrary, there are numerous studies confirming the health hazards (from plastic, among other things) and environmental risks associated with bottled water.

The solution to this issue starts with alkaline ionized water. Compared to expensive bottled water or tested samples of tap water, where the pH levels may upset bone, tissue and nerve health, alkaline ionized water is the logical choice for people who want to safeguard their pets from harm. Which brings me back to my beloved Molly.

Molly’s battle with skin cancer is, at least from my perspective and careful study, a summons to use alkaline ionized water. I use the disinfecting acid water to clean her wound, and always make sure she has enough of the alkaline water to drink. Interestingly, when presented with two bowls of water (one with tap water, and the other with alkaline ionized water), Molly’s choice is clear: she wants the “good stuff.” According to Ronnie Ruiz, CEO of Chanson Water: “More than the taste, the smaller molecular size of alkaline water eases digestion and furthers hydration by penetrating cells more deeply.”

I notice a marked change, for the better, in Molly’s energy and playfulness, which I attribute to alkaline ionized water. It is also worth noting that veterinarians use a branded form of acid water to treat rashes, injuries and other skin-related afflictions for dogs. I produce my own acid water, with the ionizer I have at home, to disinfect Molly’s kennel, since I do not want to expose her or myself to potentially toxic chemicals.

As companions and friends, our dogs deserve proper care. By making a few easy changes, we can give these pets a renewed opportunity to be active and strong. Without indulging in false cures or expensive (but ineffective) treatments, we should consider the power of alkaline ionized water as part of this recovery and prevention program. At a minimum, our pets will enjoy the taste of the water, as will their owners. Seeing our pets enjoying themselves is a bonus we should all value.

By Nedalee Ruiz

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Chanson Water: Dedicated to your Health through Water

Chanson Water USA, Inc. is dedicated to your health through water filtration, alkalinity, and ionization.

Alkaline Ionized Water is the most natural anti-aging treatment known to man. It is an anti-oxidant that is many of times more powerful thn Vitamin C. You body is 70% water… Give yourself the best!

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Farm Runoffs Contaminating Drinking Water

Agricultural runoff is the single largest source of water pollution in the nation’s rivers and streams, according to the E.P.A. An estimated 19.5 million Americans fall ill each year from waterborne parasites, viruses or bacteria, including those stemming from human and animal waste, according to a study published last year in the scientific journal Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology.

In California, up to 15 percent of wells in agricultural areas exceed a federal contaminant threshold, according to studies. Major waterways like the Chesapeake Bay have been seriously damaged by agricultural pollution, according to government reports.

In Arkansas and Maryland, residents have accused chicken farm owners of polluting drinking water. In 2005, Oklahoma’s attorney general sued 13 poultry companies, claiming they had damaged one of the state’s most important watersheds.

It is often difficult to definitively link a specific instance of disease to one particular cause, like water pollution. Even when tests show that drinking water is polluted, it can be hard to pinpoint the source of the contamination.

Read the Full article here

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